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Full automatic cup type products packaging machine

Automatic Cup Flling Sealing Packaging Machine

Full automatic cup type products packaging machine

Cup type products filling machine,suitable for hot filling products,cup type packaged aluminum plastic cap automatic sealing. automatic cup product packaging machine is mainly used for filling and packaging cup-shaped containers for fluid or semi-fluid materials. can be applied to cosmetics, food and other related industries. The production process includes cup conveying, material filling, cap film positioning and sealing, and finished products removal.


    If you are looking to fill/seal preformed cups, tubs, or trays, look to Poemy for a cup filling solution to meet your needs.our such cup filling sealing machine can pack products like cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese/butter spreads, whipped cream, ice cream, nuts, snacks, cereal, and more. Poemy cup filling and sealing machine solutions offer a range of capacity, footprint, and configuration options, machine types including: filling, sealing, capping. Our cup filling sealing machine solutions are suitable for a wide range of container types, including rounds and non-rounds, with various lane and configuration range options.


    Equipment shape L=2100mm; W=2300mm; H=1800mm
    Product height 20-50mm
    Mold size length 300mm and the width 200mm
    Speed capacity ≤85-90 PCS /min
    Power 3 phase 5 line AC 380V 5KW
    Filling method Pneumatic or servo motor drives piston pump to fill liquid, filling accuracy ±0.2g
    Single plate arrangement Single plate arrangement common products 6-8 cups/ plate

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