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Full auto sachet packaging machine

Automatic Sachet Packaging Machine

Full auto sachet packaging machine

Automatic sachet packaging machine which can be used for packing cosmetics, foods, medicine, etc, the film folding from the middle and forming, automatic filling and film cutting. Overall optimization points of the equipment:

① Compatible with the production of a variety of molds;

② Suitable for filling a variety of products;

③ Film tension adjustment;

④ Improvement of sealing structure;

⑤ Optimization of stretched membrane structure.


    Sachet packaging machine is special designed for the production of sachet products. The equipment uses plastic complex film as raw material, which can complete film online bag making and internal products filling. The production process of the equipment includes cutting the film in the middle, bag forming, filling, sealing, full plate cutting, finished products removing, etc. Typesetting can be made based on products specifications and shapes. Sachet packaging can be designed according to the requirements of various special shapes, the product appearance is smooth and beautiful.


    SP-30A Parameter SP-30A  SP-30B Parameter SP-30A SP-30B
    Machine size L=3200mm;W=2100mm; H=2600mm L=3200mm;W=2100mm; H=2900mm
    Product height ≤150mm ≤210mm
    Mold size
    width 280mm
    width 280mm

    width 280mm

    width 280mm

    Production speed ≤30plates/min ≤30plates/min
    Power 3-phase 5-wire AC 380V 5KW 3-phase 5-wire AC 380V 5KW
    Filling method
    The pneumatic or servo motor drives
    The pneumatic or servo motor drives
    The pneumatic or servo motor drives
    The pneumatic or servo motor drives
    Single plate arrangement S   common product  1-6pieces/plate common product  1-6pieces/plate

    Detailed Diagram

    Full auto sachet packaging machine4hf
    Full auto sachet packaging machine1s9w
    Full auto sachet packaging machine27hz


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