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Full auto mask cartoning machine

Facial Mask Production Line

Full auto mask cartoning machine

Continuous cartoning machines are particularly suited to high speed lines. This machine is widely used in folding box packaging of various products, such as food, medicine, cosmetics, chemicals, hardware, industrial products, etc. Machine folding and sealing device can be customized according to box type. Which can be used with some other packaging lines, like food packing line,cosmetics packing line, Pharmaceutical packaging line.


    The automatic cartoning machine adopts our company's HC-90 cartoning machine and is equipped with a turntable feeder . The HC-90 cartoning machine consists of three major parts: a color box storage bin, a mask conveyor belt, and a cartoning machine host.
    The color box storage bin is a horizontal storage bin, used to store color boxes;
    The facial mask conveyor belt transports the facial masks that have been divided into groups according to the specified number;
    The cartoning machine host completes the actions of opening, loading and sealing boxes.
    The whole machine adopts full servo motor design to avoid complex cam transmission structure and the mechanical structure is simple;
    Simple mechanical structure means simple operation and easy maintenance and repair;
    The cartoning machine is compatible with a wide range of sizes, and the conveyor belt and the main conveyor push rod have differential mechanism adjustments to achieve free size adjustment;
    The main adjustable part adopts electric drive or hand wheel adjustment, which can achieve one person one tool replacement.


    Project requirements illustrate
    Color box compatibility required It is compatible with 11 kinds of color boxes of two major categories, and cartons with different ear directions can be produced on one machine at the same time. Packing quantity 4-10 pieces
    Cartoning machine adapts to carton resizing L=170-200mm W=110-145mm H=20-40mm
    speed requirement Production capacity is greater than 12,000 pieces/hour, about 200 pieces/min
    Feeding requirements Stable production speed 40 boxes/min (calculated based on 5 pieces, different feeding forms have different speeds)
    special requirements The cartoning machine is equipped with an automatic mask loading device. The masks are manually placed in the storage bin, and the machine automatically counts and loads the materials. The number of operators is limited to 1-2 people. Or use automatic connection.

    Detailed Diagram

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