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Full auto high speed cartoning machine

Automatic High Speed Cartoning Machine

Full auto high speed cartoning machine

Fully automatic cartoning machine includes three parts: automatic materials feeding, automatic lining folding, and automatic cartoning.This continuous high-speed cartoning machine can be used in conjunction with other packaging machinery. For example, a bottle packaging machine, a bag packaging machine, a blister packaging machine, etc. can be connected before this cartoning machine. It can be used for cosmetics boxing, pharmaceutical boxing, and food boxing. , daily necessities boxing, etc.


    This series fully automatic cartoning machine includes three parts: automatic materials feeding, automatic lining folding, and automatic cartoning. It can respectively complete the automatic feeding materials, automatic forming and folding linings, automatic cartoning products and and linings ,automatic sealing boxes.
    Fully automatic cartoning machine has a high level of automation and uses a fully servo-driven structure, which is characterized by easy operation and strong compatibility. Widely used in automatic cartoning for beauty facial masks,cold compress patch, body warmer patch, plasters and other products.


    Machine size L=6300mm; W=2000mm; H=1800mm
    Product size color box: length 120-200mm; width 95-160mm; height 12-50mm
    Lining length 148-198mm; width 93-158mm; height 15-48mm
    Production speed 50-55 boxes/min
    Power 3-phase 5-wire AC 380V 16KW
    Color box white cardstock paper, gold cardstock paper, silver cardstock paper;
    Lining type Lining white cardstock paper or 2mm white corrugated paper
    Equipment weight 2000kg

    Detailed Diagram

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