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Full auto essence bag filling sealing machine

Facial Mask Production Line

Full auto essence bag filling sealing machine

Designed for metering, filling various kinds of liquid and paste products into bag or sachets and the sealing bag or sachet, such as ketchup, honey, juice, jam, sauce, shampoo, cosmetics, essence,lotion... etc., into bags/sachets.

Range of filling and metering: 1-10ML.


    The machine adopts a full servo motor design to avoid complex transmission structures and has a simple mechanical structure. easy to use. Easy to maintain and repair;
    The equipment adopts the 4-channel structure principle and the stable production speed can reach 100 bags/min;
    The mask die-cutting knife is made of high-speed steel imported from Japan and has a long service life;
    The main transmission mechanisms are adjusted by differential mechanisms, allowing free size adjustment of the handwheel;
    A screw pump driven by a servo motor is used for high-speed and precise filling of dissolved substances, with high filling accuracy;
    Using a new type of waste recycling and winding device, waste recycling does not stop and improves production efficiency;
    Optional models are compatible with the production of some special-shaped aluminum foil bags.


    Functional project requirements illustrate
    Non-woven width suitable for equipment Width 260mm; film roll maximum 600mm
    Applicable aluminum foil bag size L=150-180mm W=100-180mm
    Production speed The production capacity is up to 6000 pieces/hour (approximately 100 pieces/min). Stable production speed 92-95 pieces/min, maximum speed 100 pieces/min
    Filling method The servo motor drives the screw pump for liquid filling, with a filling accuracy of ±0.2g.
    Change of production method Changing the face shape of the mask requires replacing the mask cutter. If the face shape is not changed, the remaining mechanisms can be adjusted with the handwheel.
    Applicable film roll diameter size φ100-1080mm
    Material material Cotton, 384, Tencel, Cupro Tencel, very fine silk and other common materials, weight range 22-40g/㎡ (common specifications weight)
    Equipment dimensions L=10950mm;W=4850mm;H=2360mm
    equipment power 3 phase 5 wire  AC 380V  26kW

    Detailed Diagram



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