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Automatic honey coconut oil sauce paste easysnap packaging machine

Easysnap Packaging Machine

Automatic honey coconut oil sauce paste easysnap packaging machine

One hand opening product is a novel packaging form for fluid or semi-fluid materials, which can be used in cosmetics, food and other related industries. Its characteristics are that the product can be open by one hand, the liquid or semi-liquid can be squeeze out easily,also the product is convenient to carry. The ESP-330 card type product packaging machine is designed for the single hand opening products. The production process of the equipment includes cutting opening line in the hard film, soft film forming, filling, sealing, full plate cutting,

finished product removal, etc. Typesetting can be made according to the different products shape. The packaging appearance can be designed according to the requirements of various special shapes.


    Technical Agreement:
    1. Adopting a complete set of Japanese Mitsubishi PLC and servo control system, it is easy to operate and has high precision. 
    2. The photoelectric tracking system adopts Swiss color mark sensor, which can use color film and enable the color film to be accurately aligned with the base film forming area. 
    3. All outer cover materials are assembled from food-grade SUS304 stainless steel. 
    4. The pneumatic system uses Japanese SMC solenoid valves and cylinders.
    How to open easy snap sachet
    1.Hold the Sachet:
    ·  Hold the sachet firmly between your thumb and index finger.
    Make sure you are gripping the part of the sachet designed for snapping (this is usually indicated by a special mark or indentation on the sachet).
    2. Position Your Fingers:
    ·  Position your fingers at the designated snapping point. This point is typically marked or designed to be thinner or notched to facilitate easy opening.
    3.Apply Pressure:
    ·  Use your thumb and index finger to apply pressure to the snapping point.
    Bend the sachet back and forth slightly to help weaken the seal at the snapping point if necessary.
    4.Snap Open:
    · Snap the sachet by pressing firmly and quickly with your thumb and index finger.
    The sachet should break open along the pre-scored line, allowing the contents to be dispensed easily.
    5.Dispense the Contents:
    ·  Once snapped open, squeeze the sachet to dispense the contents as needed.
    Apply or use the product directly from the sachet.
    Process as below:



    machine type



    3000pcs/hour-12000pcs/hour(can be adjusted)



    Air consumption


    Overall production change time

    120 minutes

    curb weight


    Base film parameters

    Diameter 350mm. (Max. 50 kg)

    Top membrane parameters

    Diameter 450mm. (Max. 30kg)

    Maximum film width


    Maximum color mark spacing

    120mm (according to actual product)


    3 phase 380V

    Electronic control system




    Touch screen

    Proface 7-inch color screen

    Maximum number of layouts

    2x3; product size increases, layout quantity decreases

    Floor space size

    About 5.0mx1.6mx2m


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