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Automatic Easy Snap Sachet Personal Lubricant Lubricating Oil Packaging Machine

Easysnap Packaging Machine

Automatic Easy Snap Sachet Personal Lubricant Lubricating Oil Packaging Machine

The Automatic Easy Snap Sachet Personal Lubricant Lubricating Oil Packaging Machine is an advanced piece of equipment designed for the efficient and hygienic packaging of liquid products such as personal lubricants and lubricating oils. This machine offers a seamless solution for manufacturers seeking to package their products in easy-to-use, single-serve sachets.


    1. Adopting a complete set of Japanese Mitsubishi PLC and servo control system, it is easy to operate and has high precision. 
    2. The photoelectric tracking system adopts Swiss color mark sensor, which can use color film and enable the color film to be accurately aligned with the base film forming area. 
    3. All outer cover materials are assembled from food-grade SUS304 stainless steel. 
    4. The pneumatic system uses Japanese SMC solenoid valves and cylinders.
    How to open easy snap sachet
    Company introduce 
    Beijing Poemy Machinery Co., Ltd/Shanghai Poemy Machinery Co., Ltd
    (1)Establishment:Headquarters established in Beijing, China. In 2019 established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Shanghai, And also has an independent production and R&D base in Shanghai.
    (2)Main products:fully automatic packaging machinery as well as the service of packaging equipment solutions.we can provide: full auto packaging equipment such as easy snap packaging machine, blister packaging machine, unit dose packaging machine, sachet packaging machine,sanitary napkin packaging machine,pillow packaging machine, small bottle filling line, cartoning machine,robot palletizing system,etc.
    (3)Technical strength:all of core technical personnel have more than 20 years experience in this filed, and the company's technical team originally worked for a well-known Japanese packaging machinery company, and Poemy was determined to be an innovative enterprise focusing on research and development from the beginning. 
    (4)Project area:the company has many years’ experience in packaging machinery manufacturing and packaging machinery solutions in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, daily chemical and other industries. 
    (5)Our Honor:a high-tech enterprise nationally certified by our government;until now we have obtained more than 65 practical  invention patents, still have several practical invention patents are under applying.


    machine type



    3000-10000pcs/hour (based on the size and filling volume)



    Air consumption


    Overall production change time

    120 minutes

    curb weight


    Base film parameters

    Diameter 350mm. (Max. 50 kg)

    Top membrane parameters

    Diameter 450mm. (Max. 30kg)

    Maximum film width


    Maximum color mark spacing

    120mm (according to actual product)


    3 phase 380V

    Electronic control system




    Touch screen

    Proface 7-inch color screen

    Maximum number of layouts

    2x3; product size increases, layout quantity decreases

    Floor space size

    About 5.0mx1.6mx2m


    Anywhere around the world, we can have our qualified and well-trained staff at your site rapidly.
    Our experienced team of technicians are based in strategic locations and can be scheduled to be at your site to help:
    ● Resolve a technical issue.
    ● Assist with your business.
    ● Install a new packaging line.
    ● Provide production support.
    Always customer focused, our team is happy to be on your site and working shoulder  with your staff.  Your satisfaction is our commitment.