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Automatic dual chambers easysnap sachet packaging machine

Easysnap Packaging Machine

Automatic dual chambers easysnap sachet packaging machine

The Automatic Dual Chambers Easysnap Sachet Packaging Machine is a specialized packaging machine designed to produce and fill sachets with dual chambers, often used for packaging liquid, semi-liquid, or gel products. Here are the key features and functions of this machine:


    1. Dual Chamber Sachets: The machine creates sachets with two separate chambers. This is useful for products that need to be kept separate until the point of use, such as two-part adhesives, dual-component cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals.
    2. Easysnap Technology: Easysnap is a patented packaging technology that allows users to open the sachet with one hand. The sachet bends and breaks at a predetermined point, enabling easy dispensing of the product. This feature enhances user convenience and product accessibility.
    3. Automatic Operation: The machine automates the entire process of forming, filling, and sealing the sachets. This includes:
       - Forming: Creating the dual chamber sachet from a roll of packaging film.
       - Filling: Accurately dispensing the product into each chamber of the sachet.
       - Sealing: Sealing the sachet to ensure product integrity and prevent leaks.
    4. Product Versatility: It can handle various types of products, including liquids, semi-liquids, gels, and pastes. This versatility makes it suitable for different industries, including food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemicals.
    5. High Efficiency: The machine is designed for high-speed operation, increasing production efficiency and throughput. This is beneficial for large-scale manufacturing operations.
    6. Precision and Consistency: Advanced control systems ensure precise filling volumes and consistent sealing quality, which is critical for maintaining product standards and reducing waste.
    7. Customization: These machines can be customized to accommodate different sachet sizes, shapes, and configurations based on specific product and branding requirements.
    8. User-Friendly Interface: Typically equipped with a touch screen interface, the machine allows operators to easily control and monitor the packaging process, adjust settings, and troubleshoot issues.


    machine type



    3000-12000pcs/hour(can be adjusted)



    Air consumption


    Overall production change time

    120 minutes

    curb weight


    Base film parameters

    Diameter 350mm. (Max. 50 kg)

    Top membrane parameters

    Diameter 450mm. (Max. 30kg)

    Maximum film width


    Maximum color mark spacing

    120mm (according to actual product)


    3 phase 380V

    Electronic control system




    Touch screen

    Proface 7-inch color screen

    Maximum number of layouts

    2x3; product size increases, layout quantity decreases

    Floor space size

    About 5.0mx1.6mx2m

    Detailed Diagram

    dual chamber easy snap packaging machine rn6


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